After over a decade in the beauty industry, I have found that the first thing a client asks when they sit in my chair (whether it’s for the first or fiftieth time) is “Make me beautiful.” And I do. When I sit down with a client, I bear witness to the most astounding transformations thanks to just a little shampoo and a curling wand. It’s an evolution that goes beyond follicles and split ends, layers or bangs. A client may come in with downcast eyes and baseball cap but they leave with a breezy blowout and a confident swagger.

But what happens in between? I found myself wondering how month after month, the most amazing and interesting people would leave my salon confident and lighter, but return with weighted shoulders and hiding under another hooded sweatshirt. What was going on outside the salon that stopped them from being those confident, happy, effervescent people once they left those mirrored walls?

I knew I had to step out from behind my chair and find a way to make my clients feel beautiful every moment of their lives–not just for the lifespan of a blowout.

Beauty of soul is about an inner light, not the judgement of an outside gaze. There will always be naysayers. There will always be people telling you to give up, telling you that you aren’t good enough and sometimes we hear those voices so much, it becomes second nature to count ourselves out. Hair Healer is there to tell you that ANYONE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL. I know that with my whole heart and soul.

The first step to any healing is identifying what ails you. What is blocking your flow energy and preventing you from being your best self? What are the goals that have always been just beyond your reach? What are the dreams that make you want to stay in bed for just an hour or two more so you can just live in that fantasy a little longer? I am here to help you find your path toward happiness and your best self.

Hair Healer offers a personalized plan that can create the best YOU. There is no one-size-fits-all path. I am here to sit down with you, share your burden and your joys, and find out what can be done to heal your heart, soul, and being.