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On today’s episode Im with my close friend and former assistant of Capriotti Salon, Kenyetta. We chat salon talk and discuss funny stories that happened while we worked together, as well as kenyetta’s life journey. Kenyetta found out she was pregnant after losing her virginity at the age of 16, she tells us the ups and downs of young motherhood and how she is able to stay in a positive mindset, no matter what life brings. After Leaving Capriotti salon, Kenyetta started going blind and was later diagnosed with M.S. while in her 40’s but she hasn’t let that slow her spirit down or stop living her life to the fullest. Kenyetta continues to live a happy life by find happiness in her everyday moments. This episode is full of hope that we could all use.

 The Hair Healer Podcast hosted and created by Colleen dixon